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  • Published: February 28, 2018
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1. Get Info – After a crash, you are almost guaranteed to be in some level of shock. Your brain will have a hard time processing what just happened to you. You will feel surprised, scared, and possibly injured. Nonetheless, it is important to get all the information surrounding the accident. If possible, make sure you find out:

a. The name, address and phone number of the other drivers and passengers in the accident;

b. The police department that responded to your accident and the Traffic Crash Report number;

c. The names and phone numbers of any witnesses to the crash;

d. Photographs of the scene and of the vehicles in the accident are incredibly helpful. A few photos from your cell phone can make all the difference in determining liability. Don’t be bashful, get some photos.

2. Get Treatment – Most people, after a crash, try to be tough. They say “I’m sure I’ll be all right,” or “I don’t need to see a doctor.” But a car crash is a serious thing, and even a so-called “minor impact” can cause serious injury. If you’re in a car crash, do yourself a favor and see a doctor as soon as possible. If you even think you need immediate treatment, don’t hesitate to tell the first responders or emergency medical techs. After your initial treatment with the emergency room, make sure you follow up with your primary care doctor or with another doctor.

3. Get Legal Advice – After the crash, don’t talk to anyone without seeing a lawyer first. The things you say on the record could severely damage your case. Make no mistake, the representatives of the insurance company are NOT on your side. Before you talk to anyone about the crash, see a lawyer. We recommend you call in the Sharks!

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