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  • Published: May 8, 2018
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Today, virtually everybody has an online presence. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Snapchat, social media has become a core part of our lives. People can use these platforms to document every second of their life, from who they’re with, to where they are, to what they’re eating. While sometimes it can be refreshing to post exactly what we’re thinking online, it is important to keep in mind that some things should stay off the internet.

If you are currently involved in an ongoing legal battle of any kind, from personal injury to divorce, it is essential to monitor your social media habits to ensure they don’t affect your case.

Keep information about your case private.
Remember that almost anybody can see what you post online, even if you aren’t friends with the,/ It is important to be careful to not disclose any information that is pertinent to your case online, otherwise it can negatively affect your chances of winning the battle. For example, if you are currently involved in a personal injury case and you post a Facebook status insinuating that you are purposely dragging the case out to hurt the defendant, that information can be used to deny your request for a trial altogether.

Not even your direct messages to friends are private.
Avoid talking about your case to anyone other than your lawyer. This includes messaging even your closest friends on social media about it. Any private messages can be accessed during a trial via a warrant or subpoena and these can also be used to discredit your claim.

Posting videos and photos online can be detrimental to your case.
It is critical not to post any form of media that can be used to discredit your claim. Especially if you are posting pictures and videos that show you are not injured while you are currently involved in a personal injury claim case, this will ruin your case.

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