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Austen Lott is proud to be a shark at The Memmen Law Firm. He is a young and hungry attorney who is eager to help you find the answer to legal issues. He specializes his practice in personal injury law and has worked on numerous car accident and slip and fall cases. Also, he’s spent plenty of time on cases involving nursing home negligence and medical malpractice. Of all the cases Austen has worked in his career, two things have proven to be true.

It is impossible to know how bad you are injured without seeing a doctor, and
It is impossible to know if you need an attorney without speaking to one.
So, call us today!

Austen graduated from Marquette Law School in 2015 and moved to Chicago in the same year. He loves Chicago because of the beautiful people that inhabit it. Austen grew up in Denver, Colorado and has lived in several cities throughout lifetime. He stationed his career in Chicago because it has some of the best intentioned and hardest working people who deserve passionate legal representation.

Austen has contributed to many healthy settlements at The Memmen Law Firm and has developed an array of lawsuits. He is a hard worker and is looking forward to working on your case!